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I help people to recover from persistent pain, 
so they can live a fully expressed life.

You're fed up with feeling stuck in the same cycles of pain, and anxiety. You're OVER spending countless hours in practitioner offices with little to no long-lasting change. You are tired of empty promises and miracle cures.

I know what it’s like to be consumed by fatigue, pain, anxiety and insomnia. You’re worried you’ve overdone it, fearful of being crushed by another bout. My own experience with chronic symptoms and the frustration that comes with it has led me to design this program filled with tools and skills I used for my own recovery. Now I'm dedicated to empowering you with the tools, support and knowledge you need to self-heal.


I’m living proof
that you can get your life back.

I’d seen more than twenty doctors and other healthcare providers before I finally started to get well. To my surprise, an approach both addressing my body and mind finally helped me recover from disabling fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, brain fog and digestive issues.

Years of working in primary pain care settings as a Manual Therapist have shown me that our current healthcare system is failing chronic pain patients. Persistent pain requires an approach that goes beyond drug therapy and hands-on treatments. It requires an evidence-based, person-centred, holistic approach to health. This is why embodied health pain coaching exists.

My approach is unique, as it incorporates different modalities, all in one coaching package. The strategies I use are the most evidence-based, pain-specific interventions. They include:


I will remove the guesswork to help you make confident, informed health choices that are aligned with your health goals and values.

I will support and empower you as an expert "mentor". Feel heard and understood, while creating a healing plan of proven and well-structured pain recovery strategies. 


Receive insights that allow you to understand your pain in new ways, while becoming increasingly independent  and breaking the cycle of rinse-repeat therapies.

Tools I use:

  • Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT)

  • Pain reprocessing therapy (PRT)

  • Pain science education

  • Pain tools and resources

  • Nervous System Mapping

  • Accountability coaching

  • Brain retraining exercises

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction

  • Hypnosis

  • Graded motor imagery

  • Pacing skills


Bodywork Packages


Initial Osteopathic Assessment

This comprehensive package is the first step on your path to recovery. It includes a detailed evaluation to understand your unique situation, symptoms, and health history. Through a combination of diagnostic discussions and initial testing, we'll pinpoint the root causes of your discomfort and devise a personalized plan tailored specifically to address your needs.


A 90-minute one-on-one session, personalized wellness plan creation, and a follow-up email summary with key findings and next steps.




Follow-up Sessions

Building on the insights gained from your initial assessment, the Follow-Up Session Package is designed to adjust and refine your personalized plan based on your progress and feedback. These sessions are crucial for addressing any new challenges, celebrating your successes, and ensuring that your journey is on the right track.


45-minute one-on-one sessions, plan adjustments, practical advice for overcoming challenges, and access to additional resources tailored to your journey.​



Maintenance Sessions

Once you've started seeing improvements, the Maintenance Session helps ensure that your achievements are long-lasting. These sessions focus on sustaining your well-being, preventing relapses, and integrating healthy habits into your daily life for enduring health and happiness.


30-minute one-on-one sessions, lifestyle and wellness coaching, and proactive strategies to maintain and build upon your progress.





Pain Transformation Stories

I consulted Maxi to help me break the cycle of injury-recovery-injury-recovery for an ankle injury I suffered 3 years ago which was not healing properly. She helped me to understand that the pain I was experiencing had become ingrained in my mind more than my ankle actually being damaged. This deeper understanding of pain really helped me to escape that cyclical nature and has enabled me to play consistently without discomfort in my ankle. This has been a breath of fresh air working with Maxi as I have learned so much from her treatment sessions. Her style of treatment is exceptional; Maxi is very understanding and a kind person who takes the time to get to know you as a person. With this understanding, she is able to dive deeper into the root causes of pain and help you overcome those challenges which would hold you back from your healing journey. She has provided me with a much more in-depth and broader understanding of pain which I can use going forward in my career.

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Unsure where to go from here?

I am so excited you are here. Showing up for yourself is a huge first step towards a pain-free life.  


If you're contemplating whether this journey aligns with your needs, I invite you to connect with my team. They're here to offer guidance and help determine the best path forward for you.

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