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I help people to recover from persistent pain, 
so they can live a fully expressed life.

I know what it’s like to be consumed by fatigue, pain, anxiety and insomnia. You’re worried you’ve overdone it, fearful of being crushed by another symptom flare-up. Joy has been replaced by fear and anxiety, while a sense of safety in your body has disappeared. 


But deep down, some part of you remembers that you are more than your limitations, and you know you can overcome this and heal. 

My own experience with chronic symptoms and the frustration that comes with it has led me to design these online coaching programs filled with tools and skills I used for my own recovery. Now I'm dedicated to empowering you with the tools, support and knowledge you need to self-heal.


Let me be your guide, and show you a different way

I can offer you a tailored path towards more energy and ease. I will help you calm your nervous system so your brain can rewire a sense of well-being.


You will learn your body's way of communicating emotions and trauma, while I will be present to provide a safe space to process and release. You will be supported on your journey back to doing activities you enjoy and love. 


My personalised coaching programs empower you to live your true potential while being safely held by your own body and a newfound sense of safety, inner strength, resilience and peace.



Online Coaching


Pain Transformation Stories

Maxi has treated me over the past couple of years for varying injuries sustained during rugby. Her approach to healing pain is brilliant and something I can’t recommend highly enough if you’re struggling to break that cycle of pain or lack of healing. Maxi has a huge depth of knowledge that she applies to her treatments; she also brings an incredibly empathetic approach to her sessions. I really feel that Maxi cares about helping me to heal and that in turn allows me to place my trust in her as a pain coach. Without Maxi’s guidance, I would still be stuck in the same injury cycle and not able to get back out on the pitch doing what I love.

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Not sure which journey is for you?

I am so excited you are here. Showing up for yourself is a huge first step towards a pain-free life.  


If you are unsure whether this 1:1 Coaching is the right path, or have questions about whether or not we might be a good fit, I’d warmly invite you to contact me via email for further discussion.

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