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Feeling overwhelmed by persistent pain, feeling as though it's dominating every aspect of your life? If you're on the hunt for a solution after cycling through various treatments—from conventional methods to alternative approaches—without securing long-lasting relief, you've landed in the right spot.

My approach disrupts the outdated belief that enduring symptoms signal you're permanently sick or damaged. Cutting-edge discoveries have shown that the brain can form patterns of pain and fatigue, even absent a current physical ailment. This revelation is crucial for individuals grappling with chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, migraines, anxiety, and persistent back or body pain, heralding not just the management but the possibility of recovery.

Begin your journey towards reclaiming your health and zest for life. Schedule your initial consultation with me to explore how you can surmount chronic pain, achieve enduring physical well-being, and secure a resilient and fulfilling life.


You deserve a life free of persistent pain 

I help people recover from chronic pain, anxiety and fatigue so they can live fully-expressed lives.  



Hey, I'm Maxi Schönteich

I know it’s possible because I was suffering from chronic dizziness, IBS and severe anxiety for years. I know only too well the challenges and frustrations that come with not knowing what is happening in your body and how to fix it. 

My name is Maxi, I’m a UK-trained Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. I help people heal from persistent pain, restore their innate capacity for inner resilience, and return to living the life they envisioned.

Over the years, what I’ve come to know is that our bodies are brilliant and no matter where you are on your path you can heal. I'll show you how.


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Work with me



For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to healing and are able to meet in person, my clinic offers tailored in-person sessions designed to foster a deep connection and provide immediate, personalized feedback and assistance on your path to wellness.


If you're eager to collaborate on your journey to wellness but aren't based in Canada, don't let distance be a barrier—my online coaching services are designed to bridge the gap, ensuring you receive personalized guidance and support, no matter where you are in the world.



Transformation Stories

I come from a long-term background with chronic pain and Maxi is the first Osteopath, who fully understands my condition. I have seen her around 6 times and it's been worth 3 years of seeing other kinds of professionals. Really recommend her if you want to find real healing, she is awesome!

- Sebastian



Not sure where to go from here?

I am so excited you are here. Showing up for yourself is a huge first step towards a pain-free life.  


If you are unsure whether an in person or 1:1 online coaching is the right path, or have questions about whether or not we might be a good fit, I’d warmly invite you to contact me via email.


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